IYHA Junior Fuel

2024 Spring Hockey Prospects


Welcome to the 2024 IYHA Jr Fuel Spring Hockey Prospects

Session Descriptions:

Intro to Hockey Prospects - For Learn To Play Hockey Graduates and Nitros Players

For any participant currently enrolled in LTPH, or that has completed at least 8 classes of LTPH in 2023/2024 or participated in Nitros - Congratulations! You are ready to move on to Intro to Hockey Prospects. This spring session will continue developing your stickhandling skills, puck control, skating skills, as well as introduce you to the real game of hockey. The goal is to prepare you to play on a team in the 317 Hockey League when the season begins in the Fall.

Girls 14U - 19U

Girls 14U - 19U - Join us for a weekly training session.


Goalies - Coach Nick Johnsen will lead this station-based development session with a focus on the most up-to-date approaches, positional efficiency, agility, and hand/eye reflex development.

8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U

Players have the option to sign up for 4 different types of training every week: 


For the skating session, players will strictly work on the skating part of their game. This session will include many challenging power skating movements, combined with balance and edge work drills, as well as mastering some of the basics needed to be an elite skater. The sessions will progress to overspeed drills, combined with change of direction skills, and game-like skating. 


Offensive Tactics/Puck Control and Protection/ Stickhandling skills (heads up hockey)/Scoring/Passing

This session will help all players develop confidence when the puck is on their stick. We will work on protecting the puck, handling pucks on the walls, skating with the puck while having your head up, as well as passing and scoring with efficiency. This session will bring players out of their comfort zone, but ultimately challenge them with game-like skills that are commonly used to create offense. 


Battle/Compete/Body Contact

This is NOT strictly a checking session. In this session the players will work on proper angling and game-like scenarios that require a high compete level, and a relentless mindset.. Small area games, tight battles, angling drills, as well as learning how to compete and react on the walls. This session will be intense and very important to learn how to safely battle and compete efficiently. 



In the game of hockey, it's a huge advantage to be in better shape than your competition! This session will cover a handful of the skills from the other sessions, but with a conditioning touch. We will work on skills such as backchecking, defending fast with a good stick, and skating at high speeds with the puck on your stick. Of course, we will challenge the athletes with professional quality conditioning drills that mirror important hockey habits.


18U - This session is designed to continue developing your agility and edgework, your scoring and passing, as well as your conditioning and endurance. Additionally, checking, body contact, battle, and compete will be addressed. Be ready for a little of everything and a lot of fun!